vincent (_diebydesign) wrote in modmondays,


here is whats going down on friday.

amelia is working until 9 at the oshawa mall.
i'm working until five.
i say when you and fig return from school you should meet me at 'movie experts' at the new plaza in aspen springs, which is on the same route you could take to get to tim hortons if you were coming from that i don't know that loblaws plaza place, the highway, whatever. i don't know street names and those are pretty much the best directions i could come up with. anyway. you should meet me there and we could get to the mall via the bus and meet up with amelia, visiting the LCBO at the mall. then head home when amelia gets off work. alright. if these plans are ridiculous and you guys have something else in mind. call me at work. i'd give you my work number, but i have no clue what it is, so forget that. i'll just call you(caitlyn) at some point during the day.
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